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Tuesday, April 22

now and then

third week reflection not done yet.
camping is the reason.
so I had this camping, the first one ever as a school teacher. I dont even know how to pack my clothes for school camping!!!
now, thats not the story.
Day 1-Night 1;  I was the loyal-manager (read:urusetia) for the first night. shift 7 pm tp 7 am.
the camp site was merely 7km from my house, but the students seems to be 'buat macam rumah sendiri' more than me. I was in total disbelief to see them walking around with ice-blended juice, coconut shakes, eating burgers at midnight, playing guitar while watching you-tube guitar lesson and many more. During my age, I was only given the famous ever Sardin Ayam Brand you know!! Oh yes, and teh o or kopi o as the other drinks besides plain mineral water. 2014 and my students had ayam masak merah, chicken chops, black pepper and blabla for their camping meals and they just google from youtube and webs for great ideas to perform on the kebudayaan night. COOL? Mehhhhh...they should google the definition of real camping! Too bad, the camping site is also close to the famous dating/sightseeing/dining/relaxing beach hence the so many stalls to sell things from A to Z. They even have ice delivery van-to-tent service. You had it soooo easy mannn... not going for the details of teachers leaving students or teachers leaving officers..too funny and too shameful.

Week 4: Today, I was the guru bertugas, and someone, as always blocked my car. There are 5 empty berbumbung lagi parking spaces, and perhaps up to 30 tak berbumbung parking spaces there but this particular one car really love to park behind me. Its not a problem when I am always the 10th last person to check out but it is a big mess when a sick student had to be rush to the clinic and damn as I put my car on 'R' gear and then realised there is a car at the back. grrrrrrrrrr.... marah nihhhhh... the sick student had to suffere her ears as well to hear me 'saying a lottt' uhuks. After the sick student case settled, I had few minutes off to gosok2 the bruises left on my car-the bumper. ebdhbuchajgcbhdjkdbudkjjnxzk. As I was still furious and really intended to find the car owner (cikgu baru dah mula nak mengamokkk) suddenly, there's a fire drill. Ease my job. That car and few other cars (and the owners of course) were criticized and warned by the fellow cool bomba guys during the taklimat. Even bomba pun tak lepas nak masuk..means I taklah teruk sangat parking skill kan?? Senang kijo, now pengetua gave order no more cars there. heeeeeee . this is soooo doa orang teraniaya termakbul u know. I wish I will be able to gather some courageous in me to propose to the pengetua to let the teachers bertugas to park their cars at the most easily accessible area. But then...yelah...  susah jugak when have to stay cool and act zero all the time just because you are new. But insyaAllah, Allah knows better .. there'll be  ways. :)

Speaking of 'now and then' again. A new student came in today. From my former school, surprisingly. And she came while complaining the too many students in a class and the lack of proper classroom to have a lesson in that school and had to use the labs most of the time, -not surprisingly.
The principal didnt wait for a few more seconds to hear my response to her complains. My answer; " I myself experienced having a lesson under the tree, sitting in the drain some more. No proper classroom and had to have the lesson in the lab is too  NORMAL." Yes, that raised more questions.
It is common people , common. Its a school of 2000++ students, with two sessions. Some classes had to be 'flooted'. I had my lesson in the canteen, the assembly compound, under that sweet tree, at the field, and etc everyday. BUT not everytime of course, just for that switching sessions- morning to noon time. So only 1 or 2 periods of flooting... and I honestly dont feel bad about it. Cool giler. Fresh air, cool scenery, bebas keluar masuk therough any invisible doors, free seating (both style and position) :P
I got A for English for the very first time during one of those under the trees classes and yet today this girl complained yadaa yaadaaa yaadaaa blablabla about it.
now and then.
cool and supercool.

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