...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Monday, October 29

sungai nil dan tembok besar china.

sore it is.
deep. deep down in my heart.

true, but i found myself had to accept and learn; sebaik-baik tempat mengadu ialah Allah swt.
bukan pada manusia. walau sedekat serapat seakrab manapun.

Wahai Tuhan yang membolak balikkan hati, tetapkan hati kami, kuatkan iman kami.

Friday, October 5


lets talk about thursday, shall we?
yes, i'm late by a day. its friday now, bak kata rabecca....
after almost a year, i was listening to that song just now..how lifeless one could be to be playing that song?
at 4 in the morning?

#this is my first weekend/night without my roomate....

we all need that now, a melarikan diri project, solo or berkumpulan.
should have gone back yesterday too..right after i handed in that cs thingy. right after our malay class. right after my most lingkaran gelap bawah mata day...huahuahua..kononlah....
its getting weirder everyday... 36 days left.
i don't really know which one is the worst one.
that hit so badly...
is it this one assignment per week thing?
yeah....every thursday is a submission day for all sort of assignment. at least xdelah satu khamis sampai 10 kene submit kan? tapi still....xdan nak bernafas..jadinya friday je yg tarik nafas n hembus kejap. sabtu get back on work.......kelas,kelas,kelas,kelas, submit something else now.
or is it the things with this place? the rules that i'm not keen of?the 'runaway' card that was always 'being misplaced'... the not so good news i received two or perhaps nearly three weeks ago? the so many websites blocked here and there? have no idea...... clearly, i'm not coping well with this.

i'm terrible at time management. i dont need anyone to tell me that. but...
there's one more thing i'm terrible at; lipat baju. being doing that since 10pm last nite. tak siap2 jugak..... i have always hated it. lipat baju.... please...something else? basuh baju pun better lagi dari lipat tau...

looking forward for the first thursday  yang takde bulatan merah sekelilingnya on my calendar after a while..yeah, of course. forum. seminar. lawatan. didn't circle that.they dont weigh the same as assignment.aite?..so..macam lega sedikit di situ..sedikits lah..sedikits..lama-lama boleh jadi bukit. like my baju-baju yang kene lipat nih..kan?

*anyway, thanks to that someone; tomorrow is definitely gonna be a better day.