...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Tuesday, August 28

prodigious dreams

to wake up and stop yourself from living in a dreamland that would never get real is hard isn't it?

so hi again blog yang telah berlabah-labah, kerengga dan semut api.

lama tak jumpa..
i think, i left this when i'm still in the UK. try to get back to you but my smartphone apparently is just another lame superstupidphone as it touch down KLIA. huhu. so, lotsa pending posts coming....
so how was that 'mainan' ?
well...it went greatly fine. like seriously. biasalah cabaran sikit-sikit kan? some people can't accept the fact that things have changed, and will keep on changing. let this change too please. #dream 1
insyaAllah i will stay the way i wanna be, the way which i believe is the best for me till my last day, with His will of course. InsyaAllah, that would not change. amin. #dream 2

hey, being back here (Malaysia) is not that bad actually. lotsa conflicts, firstly within yourself, with you clock, watch and alarms, with the weather, the systems, rules, etc etc.  but here as in (maktab) is well.... hurm, stop complaining. that should wrap up the whole situation well aite? things will get better. #dream 3

giler malas nak tulis. dah tu nape gatal jugak tulis. sebab aku rase macam dah makin bodoh sebab lama tak taip ape-ape. english or even bahasa. teruk sangat dah. berkarat yang terengganu kate; 'karat dekkoh' (extremely lousy level) hopefully hipotesis semakin rajin maka semakin pandai akan berjaya jadi nyata, #dream 4.

i ate popia nestum far too much lately. dah jadi macam baby sangat dah kan? makanya, time to sleep. pukul 12 is super lewat sangat dah...kbai,.assalamualaikum.