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Thursday, April 10

an expensive dream

"What do you wish to buy with your first salary?"

Thursday, so its the end of the week already. Hence, time for a short reflection to ponder, or wonder, or both.
Yesterday I had a lesson with my students, the topic was "Dream".
The question above was the last question asked in that lesson. I checked their works later and was surprised to read one of them. 
One of my boys wrote "I want to but a cow". 
At first I chuckled. Funny. Then I reread it, and thought maybe he wanted to spell 'car' but wrote 'cow' instead. (its the last class of the form). But no, it is 'cow'. There's already a 'car' mention earlier for other questions/tasks.
So why didn't he just put 'car', 'house', 'handphone' (common expected answers)? 
a check on his background,+ the school's background. Yes the road to the school is fullllled with lots of poo poo from the cow. And 1/3 of the students there live in the hostel. Their family cant afford to send them daily, too far and no transport. Hence, actually having a lembu is already a sign of wealth to them. No ferrari, no bungalow. A cow is indeed very much valuable. His dream is not very far, he just want to be a 'cow's keeper'. I wonder if I can have such modest thought myself. And even wonder, if I can at least make his dream slightly bigger- an owner of a cow farm who can speak English well.

i owed him for this lesson.
a lesson to appriciate everything i have now, and be grateful for the thing that isnt mine, for it must be not mine anymore/yet for a very good reason. 
it is a really deep kind of 'teguran' dear. 

p/ss: what do you want to buy with your first salary? reallly?

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