...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Sunday, September 23


Public speaking.
So it was today.
it was this morning.
and i was the one who took the paper with number 1 written on it.
God is great. He gives me many great friends.
My trembling feet, ears, eyes, kidney, and etc should be more than enough to beg helps from them.
So timi did it first instead. Oh, should i actually mention this? arh...just let it out, so...actually i was thinking, if i am extra lucky today, i might get my LTP group to present first too! hoooorayyy!!

anyway, lets talk about the public speaking again. I had my first and last one in 2005. It went...horrible! To cut it short, the teacher in charge refused to talk with me after that, until...today..yeah, today lah, dah after school i never actually meet her again.
-clearing throat-

so, as promised, he reminded zizi last night about it, with a promise that the audience is gonna be just us, 24. minus farah who is currently at her brother's wedding in Selangor. so, just 23. plus him, 24 again. eh..ok stop.
So, guess what? As i predicted,he, of course would have invited other classes as well. HEy its product of UK talking in public!!!! Like seriously -__-

so tadaaaaa... so many people, some sitting, some standing.
good. i was surprised. really.
so no magic happened to me. last night i was praying so hard, make it easy for me....amin. i dont know, something like, storm, fire emergency, i fall sick, yeah anything that would delay this. anything. ANYTHING.

But NOTHING happened. nothing as i imagined. so it went like this, i stood there, chickened. andbabbling around, from UK to my friends, and how lovely they are, and then to the library, the printing services, assignment, the guards, to the rules, to the cafe, the food,  to the public speaking, to people, facebook, twitter, and even, myself. oh yeah, en even pengarah. like seriously.

and then i left.

lets pray for a better tomorrow peeps!