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Thursday, October 27

sebab saya hantu tv

done with outlining and stuff..
Here comes the easiest part of all..
Writing the intoduction!!! hooorrrayyy!!!

1.1.1 WHY? *dah takde topik lain sangat dah ke??* Because, I really, really, really too deeply in love with TV. Because its FUN, fun, fun *yeah go rebecca black go*

-the end-

*my first encounter (and learning indirectly) with the word END was through watching a tv programme, which is, believe me, a hindustan movie aired by TV3 through 'panggung sabtu' slot.

Monday, October 24


sad.very very very very sad.
this is how sad i am.
saat berkabung untuk pemergian kau yang setia.


we haven't even celebrate our 10th anniversary together..and that was like, only 4 months away!!!

kau yang baik,
i know, i have abandoned you many many times.,
neglected you,
ignore you,
and curang to you..

but deeply inside i do love you.
for loyalty isn't available easily everywhere..

i love you...

-this is a tribute for a loyal watch who have watched the time flew with me when i'm still a hingusan girl until whoever i have become now, your loyalty and services for me for almost ten years is highly appreciated. i promise not to find a new replacement so soon.-
Abah's daughter.

Sunday, October 23

minggu membaca

minggu membaca masuk hari ketiga beberapa ribu saat lagi.

Oleh itu, wajarlah sedikit review mengenai buku-bukas yang telah siap distadikan ditulis.
Ok. the review begins;


Exactly as you read above, that was my review, after struggling all day and night studying,mentelaahting dan membacaing shiling.bilik.tidur itu.
Belum review pasal lantai...
Or blind bilik air yang baru siap dipasang selepas tiga minggu tingkap tu hanya memakai kertas surat kabar dan paperbag primark sebagai penutup diri..*ok, here is the lepasgeram part*

I need ubat bagi jadi rajin!!!!!!!



People said one  single word could be like a sword.sharp.a death sentence.
People also said,'saying words' isn't like sailing a boat. no Uturn. 'Dead'-road.
People said lotsa things about it.
U know what I think?
If you say nasty things, then maybe sword it is.
If you say bad things, then only u'll look for a Uturn.
But what if you say nice things only?

Hey, read this; words to me are like a see-through dress of your heart. or even your brain,maybe.
So pick up nice and pretty stuff *only* to say.
A fashioniesta heart in da making!!!

What say u?
Check your wardrobe mates!! :)


Sunday, October 16


Satu perbualan yang sangat pendek,
dua suara dari dua pelusuk berasingan.
tapi isinya bukan sekadar padat,
tapi berat, berat yang amat.

Bumi kan bulat.
Putarannya sama, tak senget dan tak condong ke mana pun.
walau ceruk mana pun, sinar matahari akan sampai.
walau ceruk mana pun, takkan tandus bumi Tuhan
Sebab tulah ada peribahasa,
bumi mana yang tak ditimpa hujan?

sod ba ra
dan jangan berhenti.

dari 10 perkara yang berlaku,
9 mungkin mengecewakan kita,
tapi kan masih ada yang 1?
jangan pernah kau lupa.
dan insyaAllah aku juga takkan lupa.

tanya sama pokok...

Pokok takkan summer,
Bunganya takkan spring.
Kalau akar sudah autumn,
dan baja pula winter.

i love trees. and i can't list any reason for why.

On our last Friday gathering, Isna pointed out one really significant point, the one that I have always thinking of. We are the lands, and everything else about us would be the trees that grew on the lands. If the tree represent faith, while the fruits and the flowers are the good deeds, would the fruit or flower of mine be in singular or plural form?

click the word pokok. <3

Monday, October 3

of Kelana Convoy, Summer Break and 'dizzy year'

as you can see from the title, this post will be very very very very insanely pack coz i'm so malaz to write an entry for each, apatah lagi satu hari travel satu entry like i used to..berangan of. well, thats how we define berangan k!

to begin this.., I had a really really really marvelously *splendid* warm tour around the Europe, exploring Belgium, Austria, Holland, Germany, Amsterdam, Italy, Vatican City and Paris within 15 days last..errr June!

I guess Kelana Convoy has everything that you (anyone who is crazy enough to conquer almost 70% of Europe within 2 weeks and strong enough to make sure the word tired would remain absence till the end) need!

The thing that i would say; i love most about this trip was the friendship that i gain, strengthen and perhaps build there. They are all mysteriously best yang tak terkata! ^_^...never imagine that 15 days could grow such a good friendship!  Meeting lotsa new friends; Malaysian from variety age groups, but sangat sporting and best giler, few karoake bands yang sudi menghiburkan malam yang sepi :p , kind hearted Indonesian families and baby Rifa yang lucu bangat, a group of Bruneian students yang sangat friendly, and also 2 gentlemen from India who are so down to earth. 
- And the food can fall in the second place. Wonderfullly, the crews never forget to keep our stomach fullll through out the trip. Something that is surely hard to get when we are on a long journey: "a happy stomach". Thankssss a lot to them.
the third place would be for.... the places that we went. hehehe..at the end, the main point of the journey would have to be the last to mention.
Swiss Alps! *tak terkata*
8 countries, as warned by the crews during the ice-breaking session on the very first day, my views on certain places changed. Italy, who used to be one of the places that I want to visit the most, turned out to be the one that I wouldn;t want to go again. Its toooooo hot, errr a bit dirty, and err..i dont know, i dont make any 'friends' there. Switzerland should won 'the best country to visit in Europe' title.  Sangat sangat sangat best, lagi best kalau pegi sana poket tebal! :D Maybe I like it most because of the weather, and the nature beauty or maybe  because of the 'cutest coincident' where my friends from the other tour group met us there, heheheheeehehehe..kan comel tu, jumpe kawan2 kat trip!
 A place would never be as beautiful if you aren't happy, so, thanks Kelana Convoy for making this journey a worth one! 

That should wrap up my second year nicely, and begin my summer break with a bit of sunburn effect.0_o  My summer break was wonderful, except that it ends rather too fast. thus, there's not much to write about it. the end. hahahaha.
Of course. I had great time with my family huhahuha here and there, there's teary teary moment too, of course, as the saying goes 'which earth that didn't rain" (hamek nko, cikgu innovative mmg macam ni) but, but tears are the reason that makes smile's value becomes infinity..at least this year we had it in blue rather than white. :) -perhaps only very few people will get this.
oh, and i also meet up friends, this isn't any random outing, its the after 2 years being far apart reunion!!. ecewah...
Thanks a million to those who spent their time with me, and filling this 3 months with lots of memories that i wouldnt forget easily.. you know who you are. and even more, you know how much i appreciate it :)

lastly, this is the dizzy year full with 'dissy' work. So, its gonna be a very very very very busy year. 
best of luck to everyone who are in their final year or dissertation year, lets do our best for it., and to those graduated this year, (arrr stressnyer tgk pictures anda) Congratz. enjoy your new lembaran in life. :)

PIC : when i was berkelana!

House 13: our group name mase lam trip. Who dare to forget that? >:)
Euro sign at the centre of, Germany!
Vatican City, one of the smallest countries. 
wooden shoes from Belanda! 

giant letters kat Amsterdam. ehem, tak dapat masuk lorong merah..hahaha

Austria dan keindahan ciptaanNya yang amat mengagumkan.

i kinda forget kat mane ni..tapi mmg cantek tempatnya. :) peacee

Dan Brown!
*kenapa gambar ni terbalik?hah, the PorcelainWedges code. :p

Gondola di Venice, dan beberape pak cik yang x berape nak ramah.

Saturday, October 1

how anehnya...

heart isn't made of glass,
then why it always breaks into pieces?

how anehnya,, 
hati bukanlah sekeping kayu, 
lalu apa sebenarnya yang patah?