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Sunday, March 27

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...winning!!!

Guess what RB?

Your prophesy turned out to be true. Sunday comes after Saturday!!!
 hehe, the point that everyone is fuming over this song is something really really errr...IDK what to say..
but the fact that it has more than 55 millions views within a month (and almost a million dislikes) now is something that no ordinary people could have achieved. ever.
People say things like, it has so many views because whoever watched it, they only did that for the sake of clicking that dislike sign. But, get real peeps, face it. As normal as any human being could ever be, we are that obsess of the word 'ever' , 'most' and so on.
Somebody labelled this song as the worst song ever, and spread that words (it was a trend in Twitter for like, what 2 weeks?). Dang....the song becomes a sensation, something that everyone must see, must comment or at least must err..know. Because it is the worst song ever. Try upload Itik oh Itik song on the internet and spread the words like , 'this is the most hillarious song' or 'the song that will tickle your kidney the most' or 'the most weird song ever' and make it a trend at twitter or something, danggg....it could beat Baby as the most viewed song (and also the most dislike video on Utube)

People would be like 'I have to watch this' when we put such label on something.
Same thing goes with this situation. When somebody so famous or a web or something that gained much attention posted something, without even read or watch it till the end, you could see that-famous-one-single-word-comment rushly typed (or pasted) on the comment section. yeah, those 'first!', or 'second' or 'third' or the worst one; 'last' (i mean, how do you know you are the last to read it?). Its not weird, its not abnormal, it is actually more than abnormally weird if you never in your entire life want to achieve such position, a position like, for example; being the first to comment on the most-read-article-ever. :P
Why? because everybody wants to achieve a record (not singing record) that nobody would ever beat in their lifetime. Something....errmmm..achievement! 
Err, did Maslow or Skinner or Piaget or anyone ever say something about this?-Dah...otak beku malas nak pikir.-
So, dont blame RB for singing the song that most people think is the worst song ever, dont blame those who make it a top video too... face it, we are human, not an Android (not referring to that gadget laa). And by the way, if we could really ignore those funny lyrics, it could be a catchy song, could be. *Catchy is something quite subjective to me..so,....

Anyway, the most discussed topic several hours ago was Earth Hour. Eih, the most-'screamed'-word also. 

Okay, time to reset my clock. 

And to my Dearling, I know you gonna be ok. (nyanyi 2 pm skit)
stay strong...sabar ye....nanti semua akan ok. :)

Wednesday, March 16

A list of lists...

So many books to read (and to buy), and lots of movies to watch...but my sleeping hours defeated all of them..
Now 4 in the morning, and eyes too-stubborn-to-shut, but would surely collapse if I started any of the readings..


Trying my best to finish the reading before Malaysian Fest and Spring break...
Exercising all the sudden-popped-out-muscles..hehe thanks to West Dikir practisess..
Looking forward to have a chance for Temple Grandlin... **child psychology?
Missed a great opportunity to meet a great leader, admiring him all this while..huuuu....sobs sobs
Chatting with my 3 nieces, OK., the eldest one, 5 years old Kakak do the typing..not Iffa baby of course!. Its still raining and raining non stop at K.Terengganu... Alang cooked today, ooooo miss it! And, oh my, I think I might just dropped my kidney!! She typed 'dog' instead of 'dok' (Terengganu's tidak). :) ....hehehe, dear, Your aunt spelled 'Adang' instead of 'Abang' when she's 7. :)
and....urm... going to continue with the chatting now... ^_^

oh ya, Q.ot.D:
 "Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim."- Bertrand Russell
hurm..everyone has been trying their best not to be the one who is dipijak by others..but while doing so, we have only one option left; to be the one who is pijaking others!  
OUCH! That sounds so....., -_-! Just makesure its not 5 inch heels~

Sunday, March 13

'Who's the animal now?"

I've been reading it several times,
I think this book is too short and it should have few more pages..
The very first time ever (extra-exaggeration) I have this complain after reading a book..
I always hope every book have their own movie version, much easier..less time requiered, *a book, normally tk 7-8 hours to finish..
Anyway, Animal Farm, lets just give exception for this book. There's no need for a movie version or etc for this book. After reading it, a moment later you would realise that, the movie version actually exist earlier, with all of us act in it.
I regret not reading this earlier...
Can we have this book as one of the compulsory text at school? Seriously..

Kata pepatah Melayu, 'bagai lembu (ke kerbau?) di cucuk hidung'.. dan itu situasi normal di mana-mana dalam dunia moden ini.
And the one with the most superior position would always and always right, and we  are to follow exactly with no doubts..

Learning from this story, simply dont be Benjamin, Boxer and Muriel. Surely, dont be Mollie.
As for Napoleon, Squealer, and Snowball.. if you have such charismatic authority etc, you surely are lucky, but it is even luckier if you could escape such people and say no, even once to them. Hard isn't it?
Cynically, Orwell has indeed inspired people in so many way through this story..
his fantasied animal farm would be one that people shouldn't ever forget..

bakal dipimpin, bakal memimpin, apa jua situasi hidup bermasyarakat...it applies to all of us.

"the creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again;but already it was impossible to say which was which." (Orwell, 1945:95)
- the characters in this story were installed from the beginning of this notion "Dont be a Human" and as from the ending, this is the notion that we should have learnt; "Dont be a Pig".