...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Saturday, February 23

wake up!

back to reality.
back to school again after 2 weeks off.
carrying rph book around from 7 am to 3pm.

and so tomorrow,
i believe i can fly......

Friday, February 22


its been a while since i last updated this blog.
being a teacher-even more as a practical teacher do put my life a bit upside down.
so today, i'm back at my hometown.
wrap-up session to conclude the practikum phase 1 with our tutor ended beautifully...
lotsa ideas, solution, sharing here and there. that should be the best session ever. i guess.

i planned to upload stuff that i used for my class here everyday, but even checking fb is something i found really hard to do..what more blogging...

once a month boleh kot.....
so these are 'who my students are'
form 1: from 26 in the first week reduced to 24 for 2 weeks and quickly grew to become a 28 students- (and more to come) class. fun to teach. very active. dare to voice out their thought-including commenting my lesson plan.. very cepat-pikap, very competitive. mostly are advanced students few-less than 5 students are quite weak in english. quite playful too. always have something to say about my baju kurung, tudung, appearance, routine, habits, and even my toilet-schedule (like siyesly sgt) and etc. very adorable that i had to hold my laugh everytime i intedned to scold them. very dengar kata. i like.

form 4: 37 students. i have different things to say about this class every week. week 1: gave up, feel like crying-well, actually i did cry. week 2: disappointed- feel like quiting teaching. my voice even melantun back to me after i screamed at them at one particular angry-bird stage. week 3: hello, nice to meet and know you. week 4:i hate the fact that i will leave you for 2 weeks, cant wait to see you after the break. after 4 weeks; my f4 are ss with medium to low ability in english. they are willing to learn, but i must be very keen to teach first. and they are sweets. and i really do love them.