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Saturday, May 17


happy educator's aka teacher's, guider's etc etc etc day.
to me, for the first time!!!
we will have potluck tomorrow.
buntu memikirkan nak bawak ape.
bajet nehi heyyy.. gaji still not in.. huwaaaa
and i have a bundle of 4 classess's exam papers to be marked.
ade jugaks i bawak diri je as the lucky-pot esok.

10 years back, i never thought i'll be a teacher.
would my ten-years-ago self wish me 'congratulation' if we could meet and have a chat?

darnn..if we could meet and chat, i'll tell my 10-years-old-younger me to study harder and stop playing around. and pay attention in the class. and stop skipping class. and not to talk useless stuff in the class. and to finish the homework on time. and and and and and the soooo many more that i regret of doing now.

in conclusion, smoke kills.
suddenly rase nak marah. all this bertambun2 papers to be marked waited 2 days for me to get started. thanks to the those who smoke and throw away their cig as they wished and cause the 5 acre field at the back of my house caught fire. :( i had to leave my house, as the thick smoke chased us...hard to breath, harder to see. today, after 2 days that event occurred, we could still smell it.

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