...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Saturday, April 13

count down

tick tock tick tock


April 1st passed...
April 2nd passed...and later April 3rd, 4th, 5th..and the rest follows..

Today, its April 13th. Ehhurm, its been a year after i visited haramain..missed those moment. time flies 'rapidly' as always..

approximately 13 more days to come an go before i bid my final farewell to my life as a practical teacher. and only 10 days, just 10 days to be with my students. to be angry or falling in love with them. to be happy or feeling sad.

Yesterday, i had my last lesson with them for the next week planned. haha..semangat. to be honest, i planned that lesson since the second week of pratikum. Things that i want to do most with them.
lets see what would happen. hopefully i'll be free from observation by then.

Katy visited us last week. to my surprise, she arrived at 8 in the morning to observe my one period lesson. of course i didnt see that coming, i thought its going to be double period only- observation kan??? it is the very day that i decided to do some experimenting with my teaching skill: to teach grammar. i am super duper crap at grammar..so i never have even a little confidence in me to teach grammar. but of course, you cant change your lesson plan right in front of her.

and yes, for once in my whole life i felt better and finally i feel like i can be a teacher. why? because i did the explanation part well. so you know the feeling of seeing you ss students so bright because they can understand what you are saying? even though it is GRAMMAR? i felt great and went over the sky and the moon and almost reach jupiter when i suddenly realised that i almost forget the most crucial task for that lesson aka the b.o....muahahaha...

anyway katy and my sv thanks for the tips and comments..i really appreciate it, would do my best to improve all the weaknesses and to maintain all the good part. and for my ss...you know i cant even feel nervous throughout the lesson to see your reaction..-first time got orang puteh in your class. even the loudest boy in my class turned 100% SILENT and only talked to me once in the lesson- tu pun to ask for my permission to go to the toilet. see what orang puteh can do to my ss.
if mh were to come to our school..if..i-d-k what would happen then. he won't right? haihh..