...and the foot steps that I leave behind

Saturday, April 23

No reasonable reason.

Love does not need reasons,
but Hate does

You can't hate people randomly, right?


thats all for today...
Ohhh..what a sunshine!!

Tuesday, April 19


21 Celsius....
So like Kuala Terengganu....
So much and much heat to make me miss you...


Spring berlalulah segera,
bagi laluan buat Summer...
Sebab saya mahu pulang ke sana..

Monday, April 18

Phantom of the Spring Ball

Few days off from windy Plymouth... a journey that went on so smoothly that I didn't realised it has nearly came to its end. Alhamdulillah, all praise to HIM for everything we experienced through out this trip.
Beautiful spring, marvelous foods, amazing people, superb views, what more should I ask?
To my trip-mates thanks for being such a good company..you guys rockkkss (ok, I dont know why should we use rock..but you know i didnt mean the stone.. ^_^..teeheee)

SWOT: too many to mention...
one thing for sure, I am sooooo in love with the theater we watched in London
and the other one thing I am not so sure of, football craze;on what level should I rank myself?

daaa for now...... ^_^ ,
oh..opps..here is, a very short and compressed video, since i'm too lazy to upload all the pictures here, lets just have a video with all the pictures in it. ngeee

in rush.very bad one.

P/sss: i have no idea what have I done to it, so just pretend that green part as the grass or smtg..heee..sorrrry....

Tuesday, April 5

Absolute Satisfactory

"absolute satisfactory" is like, a factory which is absolutely full of satisfaction of being satisfied and do satisfy!

So I did enter that 'factory' last week, while performing one of my most unforgettable dikir barat ever (not that I've have done so many, teeheee )
Anyway, the satisfactory didn't come from the make up (coz i'm not wearing any, that day)
not from the tshirt I was wearing (ngee) and not even from the marvelously sunny day (yeah, it rained, as predicted by every forecast websites)...
Its from...those clapping hands and also those students whose suddenly standing in front of us (and blocking us from audience's views for few seconds before they sits like us) , clapping together and try to follow every steps we made. Wohaaa... thank you so much..
Thats was the real satisfactory..
Its like when you are telling a tragic story and others suddenly scream out loud because their eyes dried out and turned to be a freaking hot dessert or like when you make a joke and the person who hear it exploded his stomach and died laughing. 
 perhaps its like the antivirus creator smiling to see how relieved their customers are when more and more laptops healed from the mysterious viruses that nobody on earth ever knows whose the creators are.
actually... its more like..like,
I think it must be like how the teachers feel when their students understand what's written both in their textbook, and on the black board and most importantly, in their exam papers.
It is .... like that. ^_^
Like how those who do things whole heartedly, sincerely and honestly for the benefits of all.
Like you starts smiling and you dont know if you ever in your entire life know to how to not smiling.

It is far more happier and satisfierst when you make others happy, aite?
It is.
So dear internet connection, listen deadly careful to this message. Behave, make other's happy using you. You'll be a totally freaking extra whole lot happpi~~~~~~~~~-yerrr. and Stop making me waiting for an extra 4 minutes just to make sure a short two minutes video 'finished loading'.